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Oak Meadows Ranch
Wish List - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California




Oak Meadows Ranch Rescue would be so happy to receive gift cards, or gift certificates from the following stores that we used routinely to benefit our endeavors in the past:

 •Ganahl Lumber
 •Home Depot
 •Round Up Feed Store
We are especially in need to the following items:

Wish List – What we currently need:

1. Wormer - Every horse we have gets wormed and they are currently due. Helton Hay & Feed currently has a special discount for us please call Melanie at (951) 674-2100
2. Vaccines - We use 4...-way or 5-way vaccines for the horses.
3. Alfalfa hay and the following grains: AB Pellets, beet pulp, flat rolled oats, Senior with molasses, A&M and mineral blocks. To call in a feed donation you can contact Helton Hay & Feed ask for Melanie or Steve at (951) 674-2100
4. Pipe Panels and Shade Covers - We use them for stalls, round pens and quarantine pens.
5. Halters and Lead Ropes – We always need more.
6. Wheelbarrow - We use wheelbarrows for cleaning stalls.
7. Manure Forks – For cleaning stalls.
8. Fly Masks – It’s that time of year when flies come out.
9. Fly Spray – Helps keep the flies off the horses.
10. Chicken Scratch, Chick Starter and Mash
11. Wood - For building things on the ranch - Current project building several chicken coops for hens that lay eggs. We need the following material: T1-11, 2X2X8 lumber, 1X2X8 lumber, 2.5 dry wall screws, rabbit wire, 3-Tab Asphalt Roofing Shingles in Desert Tan.
12. Gazebo
13. Jacuzzi type spa for horse camp   
14. Wooden sheds for tack rooms or storage.
15. Old ranch equipment working or not working.
16. Antiques to give the ranch the old west look.
17. Quad to help get around the ranch and help feed the horses.
18. Trees for shade such as California Pepper trees and fruit trees.
19. Sod grass and plants. 

We are also looking for: Tack new or used, horse blankets. We are also looking for a used ATV quads to use around the ranch while feeding the horses and making repairs. Ranch tools and farming equipment.

Anything will be appreciated. We thank you, the horses thank you and the children thank you!

For check donations, gift cards, or gift certificates  mail to:

Blue Pearl Project
23690 Bundy Canyon Rd.
Wildomar, California 92595

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Blue Pearl Project
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