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Volunteer Application - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California

To Volunteer at Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California

New Volunteers

(Includes School Community Service, Court Appointed Community Service & Any Type of Mandatory Community Service)

We appreciate the help from volunteers. For Oak Meadows Ranch in Wildomar, California to be possible to rescue, feed horses, care for the horses and be able to provide family fun and entertainment we need the help from the community donating money, donating equipment and of course volunteering time. Below is a video of volunteers helping to feed the horses and the form we need filled out should you be interested in volunteering. It would be appreciated that you fill out all of the fields on the questionaire.   Volunteer Appreciation Day

We are a private ranch that has horses on the property rescued by the Blue Pearl Project. We prefer no drama, the ranch is just all about horses and prefer everyone to leave their drama, gossip and opinions else where. This ranch is strickly about the horses and for those that want to be around horses .

We do request for those that would like to get started volunteering at Oak Meadows Ranch there is a Volunteer Training Fee Donation of a minimum of $25.00 donation per volunteer. We understand that many have had experience with horses but for liability reasons we need to know when a volunteer is coming, that they know how to do the chores that they will be doing and know how to be around the horses. Horses are a large animal and can be dangerous. So please be understanding as to why the ranch requires some kind of a donation. The ranch needs volunteers but we also need donations to be able to feed the horses and care for the horses.

Many request that they would like formal volunteer training. For those that require a formal Volunteer Training Orientation on the duties and horsemanship a training appointment needs to be set up for Volunteer Training and a minimum of $25.00 Training Fee Donation is required. The Volunteer Training Orientation due to liability reasons also includes those that are doing school community service, court appointed community service or mandatory community service of some kind. The donation made goes towards the feed and care of the rescued horses.

Keep in mind also if we don't know you are coming to volunteer the chores that we have for volunteers do may have already been done for the day or we may have had to lock the gates because we may have had to do an errand for the ranch.

 All Visitors and Riders Must Complete and Sign Liability Release Form

Volunteer Questionaire & Volunteer Training Fee Donation Below

Training Volunteer Chores & Being Around Horses - Helps to Purchase Feed for the Horses


Volunteers Helping Feed the Horses at Oak Meadows Ranch Part 1

Volunteers Helping Feed the Horses at Oak Meadows Ranch Part 2

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