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Oak Meadows Ranch
Horse Adoption / Rehoming Program - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


Currently here at Oak Meadows Ranch in Wildomar, California we have several healthy horses awaiting adoption. Our goal is to find the perfect horse for your lifestyle, your home and your heart. We welcome prospective adopters to contact Blue Pearl Project or Oak Meadows Ranch for more information and to set up an appointment to meet the horses.

It is our goal to place horses into “forever” homes where they will be wanted and cared for properly for the rest of their lives. The adoption rules are straightforward: By adopting a horse from Blue Pearl Project, you agree to provide the animal with a caring, loving home, or return the horse to Blue Pearl Project in the event the horse needs to be placed in a new home. Adopters cannot breed, track race or resell any equine adopted from Blue Pearl Project. Blue Pearl Project retains legal ownership of every equine that comes to the rescue, for the rest of its life. This “Protective Ownership” stipulation allows us to legally reclaim a horse if at any time it is found to be in an unsatisfactory situation, and place it in a more suitable environment. This “tough love” rule may seem extreme, but it is intended to ensure the best possible adoption outcome horses and adopters. We do screen the prospective adopter and visit where they will be boarding the horse they plan to adopt before the adoption process is approved.

Many of our horses at Oak Meadows Ranch already do have a "forever home" at Oak Meadows Ranch that have been rescued by Blue Pearl Project and are now owned by Blue Pearl Project called Sanctuary horses or are part of the Riding Program, Sponsorship Program or are in Competition for Gymkanna and Barrel Racing. For more information regarding adopting a horse that is available for adoption and rehoming that are at Oak Meadows Ranch please call 951-805-7419 or email us at BluePearlProject@gmail.com

1. Anyone who adopts a horse from us must fill out an Adoption Application first which states among other things that the horses can never be sold, given away or traded for any reason and if you can longer keep the horse for any reason the horse must be returned back to us.

2. Our adoption fees vary. This fee helps to recover the costs of teeth, vaccinations, farrier, vet services, what the current market value is and the training the horse has had so that in return we can save another horse in their place.

3. We also do a site check of where the horses will be living and ask that we can visit the horses with a notice of at least 24 hours.

4. We require all potential adopters to come meet us and the horse they are interested in before we will agree to adopt out to them. Though this can be a burdensome requirement, it insures that the horse and adopter are a good match.

If you find a horse you are seriously interested in call us at 951-805-7419. Our policy is that the first person to contact us, come meet the horse and is then approved, we will then adopt that horse to that individual.

Horse Adoption / Rehoming Application

We love our horses. Good homes are a must. All horses are sold with a no auction and no slaughter contract and must be returned if no longer wanted or can be cared for. We can deliver for an additional fee. Available horseboarding on site, training for horse and horseback riding lessons for Gymkanna, barrel, trail, children & adults. Western & English.

Adoption fee starts at $300 up depending on the type of horse and how well trained the horse is. 





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