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Donate to Save the Horses - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


Dedicated To Helping Horse Rescue Throughout
The United States of America

Money donated to this fund will be used for saving the lives of horses from slaughter, for shelter, care and feeding horses. Even a $1.00 donation makes a difference to help buy bags of feed, hay, winter blankets, medications, supplies, Farrier, Vet care and rescue more horses! The more that donate even $1.00 the more it helps the thousands of unwanted retired thoroughbred race horses, unwanted horses because of the economy and horses that are sick or abused.  

 Oak Meadows Ranch is home to many older horses and horses with special needs. Many of the horses were rescued to not go to slaughter, abuse or neglect and have an advanced age and are living out their golden years at Oak Meadows Ranch. Feeding these special horses can be difficult and expensive, they need extra feed to stay healthy and strong- but with so many other horses also in the rescue, the older horse care can be a drain on our finances. So, we have created Sponsorship Programs to help us help them.  

 We are currently using 10 bales of hay a day to feed the rescued horses. We also each day go through 150 pounds of pellets, 100 pounds of senior feed, 80 pounds flat rolled oats and 80 pounds of shredded beet pulp. Donations are greatly appreciated. When visiting the ranch a minimum of $20.00 per adult or family per visit would be greatly appreciated and the horses would appreciate it too. Oak Meadows Ranch hay cost is currently $250.00 per day. That's $7,500.00 a month currently. Horses are so happy here they never want to leave and you will feel that way too!   Donations of hay would be greatly appreciated. To donate hay or grain instead of a money donation please contact and mention you are donating hay to Oak Meadows Ranch in Wildomar:

Menifee Market & Feed

Roundup Feed & Suppy

Blue Pearl Project
Email: BluePearlProject@gmail.com

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With your donation you can make this happen and Save the Life of a Horse!

Blue Pearl Project