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Before & Today

Mattie also known to some as Breezy would really appreciate if you could donate to help with the purchase of her feed and care. 








  Mattie was rescued from a lady that has cancer and can no longer care for her horse. The "Before" photo is the day after she was brought to Oak Meadows Ranch. The "Today" is how Mattie looks today. Mattie a few years back was ridden from Temecula to Tombstone Arizona. We call her our Tombstone Horse and that's how she got he name Mattie. She is a great trail horse. We love our Mattie. To those that have donated to Blue Pearl Project have helped save this horse, WE THANK YOU. With future donations Blue Pearl Project will be able to continue with the feed and care for Mattie and makes it possible to save and help other unwanted, starving horses.  

Mattie was one lucky rescued horse on March 24, 2014. She was invited to be on the TV Show Last Man Standing featuring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. The scenes showing the Denver rodeo you will be able to see Mattie also known as Breezy in the audience with her famous tongue sticking out doing her Miley Cyrus impression. Actually Mattie was doing it first. We love our Mattie at Oak Meadows Ranch Horse Rescue / Sanctuary in Wildomar, California. We thank CBS and the TV Show Last Man Standing featuring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis and all that are involved in the show allowing Mattie to be part of the show. 

Great news about Maddie. She has found her forever home and is now living in Winchester, CA with a great family. 



Will Roberts Trick Roper Doing Trick Roping Riding Mattie



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