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Activites - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


Miss the days of John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Bonanza and The Big Valley? Even the movie Tombstone? All those great westerns. Enjoy the feel of the old west when days were simple. You can even play cowboy and cowgirl for the day. Oak Meadows Ranch is a western style horse rescue and horse sanctuary. Blue Pearl Project is a non profit corporation here to save the unwanted, starving horses and share them with the community and for those who want a horse but can't afford horseboarding and feeding a horse. Horseback riding is available. For experienced riders we do have available FREE HORSEBACK RIDING but has to be earned, we would appreciate during 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. a minimum of 15 hours volunteering is required for the first time and 3 hours volunteering from that point for each ride helping with ranch chores per person to ride one of our rescued rideable horses for free. Or a minimum of $20.00 donation per rider in the round pen and $30.00 donation per rider for a trail ride. For those that don't know how to tack a horse there is a $10.00 donation to the ranch to have the horse you ride bridaled and saddled. Free horseback riding is not available the same day of volunteering. Again FREE means that the rider does not need to be trained how to ride, doesn't need instruction and can put the head stall, bit and saddle on the horse with no help. A ticket for a future free trail ride is available each time the volunteer hours are completed. For FREE riding we require a $40.00 deposit the very first time before bringing out the horse. For those who would love to ride a horse but have never ridden, lessons are available with one of our instructors. Volunteers and visitors are welcome during daylight hours 7 days a week. It would be appreciated if you call or email in advance so we know you are coming. During daylight hours the gates usually aren't locked but they are chained so the wind doesn't blow the gates open. Be sure when opening the gates you close and chain them again. Then just drive on in to the parking areas.

In addition to riding and/or spending time with the horses, we welcome you to come and just relax at the ranch. Bring a book, bring lunch, and unwind if you want or go for a walk or run around the ranch. We will be adding other activites on the calender. We have therapeutic programs for special needs and learning disabled students available. Those who want or need to do community service are welcome to help feed, water and care for the horses. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please note to make Oak Meadows Ranch possible and to share the horses with those that want to visit there is minimum of $20.00 per adult or family donation entrance donation per visit. There is a donation box at the entrance of the ranch and at the General Store near the picnic area and children's playground. We appreciate all donations and the horses especially appreciate all donations.  Oak Meadows Ranch hay cost is currently $250.00 per day. That's $7,500.00 a month currently. Horses are so happy here they never want to leave and you will feel that way too! Coming out to the ranch is a great way to unwind from city life, and helping the horses is a great way for preteens and teenagers to keep active. Great for all ages, young and old. 

For more information please contact:

Oak Meadows Ranch
Email: BluePearlProject@gmail.com 



***Riding instructors are independent contractors and not employees of Blue Pearl Project or Oak Meadows Ranch. Blue Pearl Project and Oak Meadows Ranch only recommends them. Fees paid to riding instructors or trail rides are not donations to the Oak Meadows Ranch***