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Oak Meadows Ranch
About Us - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


In recent years the economy and changes in the equine industry has created an epidemic of unwanted, underfed and abused horses which are either left to die or are sold off to slaughter houses for food in other nations. The Blue Pearl Project does not condone the treatment of these great animals which helped shape the nation we live in and using our resources we receive to rescue, rehabilitate and through training share these wonderful animals with the community. This is why the Blue Pearl Project Non Profit Organization was created. 


Oak Meadows Ranch is a 21 acre ranch located in Wildomar, California and is a sanctuary for rescue horses. Money donated to the Blue Pearl Project - Save The Horses will be used for saving the lives of horses from slaughter, for shelter, care and feeding horses. Donations are greatly appreciated so Oak Meadows Ranch located in the Temecula Valley area between Lake Elsinore and Murrieta can grow offering the community a fun place for many years to come. Donations also make it possible to accept horses that horse owners can no longer afford to feed, provide medical care for or provide a home for. With donations it makes it possible for Oak Meadows Ranch to feed unwanted starving horses that is a good possibility would go to auction and then sold off to be transported out of this country for slaughter. With help Oak Meadows Ranch can bring a lot of happiness to a lot of children and adults who may never have the experience to be with horses or ever be able to experience a piece of the old west history which they can at Oak Meadows Ranch. And yes the horses thank you too!

To schedule an appointment for Oak Meadows Ranch Horse Sanctuary:

Oak Meadows Ranch
Email: BluePearlProject@gmail.com