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Oak Meadows Ranch
Taxes & 501c3 Letter


Blue Pearl Project
At Blue Pearl Project, we work very hard to make sure all of our supporters feel comfortable and confident that their donations are going where they would like them to go. We strive to be very open and transparent at all times.

Blue Pearl Project's IRS Proof of Nonprofit 501c3 Letter

Blue Pearl Project's 2012 Tax Return

Blue Pearl Project is a Recongnized Corporation in California - State of California Registration

Per non profit guidelines, all tax returns are available upon request and we will be more than happy to provide them and answer any questions.

Monthly expenses to maintain Oak Meadows Ranch:

$4,000 lease
$565 Storage trailers for supplies
$600 to $800 Electricity
$220 Liabilty Insurance
$120 Trailer insurance
$150 Port a Potty
$150 Trash
$7,500 feed for animals on ranch such as horses, chickens, security dogs, cats for pest control
$400 per month Farrier that is at a discounted price only for Oak Meadows Ranch
$200.00 Oak Meadows Ranch spends a minimum of $200.00 per month for medicine which is at a wholesale price. Medical expenses varies mainly time and medicine donated.

The minimum per month stated above is approximately $13,905.00. A minimum just to provide horse's a home, food, water, medical, farrier and share those with those that want to be with horses is a $166,860.00 per year.


Any questions about taxes contact:

Gonzalez CPA

Ulysses Carretero