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Oak Meadows Ranch
OMR Just Ten Dollars - Cut Out TWO Coffee Drinks Per Month - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


Just reducing TWO of these coffee drinks per month and donating the $10.00 per month to Oak Meadows Ranch will make a difference to the horses here at Oak Meadows Ranch. Please help the horses. For every TWO that donate just $10.00 we are able to purchase 1 bale of hay. Oak Meadows Ranch goes through depending on the weight of the hay and quality 8 to 10 bales of hay everyday. Plus the 10 horses that are unable to eat hay and must eat grain twice per day. 

A $20.00 Donation Buys This


 Please donate to Help Feed the Horse at Oak Meadows Ranch

Blue Pearl Project at Oak Meadows Ranch

Email: BluePearlProject@gmail.com 


You Can Make a Difference By Donating!


Blue Pearl Project Inc. a Non Profit Organization is a Federally recognized Non Profit 501c3 Tax-Exempt