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Oak Meadows Ranch
Drug & Alcohol Counseling & Program - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar


Oak Meadows Ranch Drug & Alcohol Counseling & Program

Oak Meadows Ranch has by appointment only Drug & Alcohol Counseling including Anti Gang Program by licensed Therapists with many years experience in this field. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation please send an email to: BluePearlProject@gmail.com 

Oak Meadows Ranchoffers at risk youth a comprehensive healing and development program which includes:

1. Thorough ongoing assessment

2. Careful consideration of individual needs and flexibility of treatment

3.  Ten modalities of treatment and skills training, EMDR, CBT, EAP, DBT skills training, Relational Skills Training, Grief Recovery, Horsemanship, Husbandry, Education and a 12 Step Program.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, used for the treatment of Trauma, Anxiety Disorders, and Addictions.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, teaches clients to challenge negative thoughts about the world, others and themselves and to behave purposefully versus reactively.


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, the use of horses in psychotherapy sessions to enhance the client’s self awareness and to otherwise increase the effectiveness of treatment.

DBT Skills Training

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training, a type of group training which helps clients regulate their emotions and behavior.

Relational Skills Training

Grief Recovery

Group work which uses The Grief Recovery Method


Learning about horses, how to handle horses, and how to ride


Learning about what horses need and taking care of horses


Clients learn about human development and about the relationship between behavior and brain function. They also learn about what the brain needs to function well and what damages the brain.

12 Step Program

A group setting in which clients learn how to manage their addiction/s


Creditials include the following: MA, MFT, Bachelor's Degree, Certified in Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Certified Equine Therapists, 

Avaliable Therapists have worked at the Betty Ford Foundation, at the Meadows, an adolescent and young adult treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona. Taos, New Mexico, practicing at a recovery lodge and during tenture, developed techniques in matching the Stages of Change with portions from the Big Book of Alcoholics' Anonymous.




Blue Pearl Project Inc. a Non Profit Organization is a Federally recognized Non Profit 501c3 Tax-Exempt