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Oak Meadows Ranch
Sponsor the Horse Arena - Oak Meadows Ranch, Wildomar, California


Blue Pearl Project a Non Profit corporation needs your help in raising funds to go towards the feed and care of rescued horses at Oak Meadows Ranch, any amount of donation will help. Individuals or companies that donate a minimum of $250.00 and under $500.00 will have their own full size banner on the arena fencing for all to see for 6 months. Donations of a a minimum of $500.00 and under $999.99 will have their own full size banner on the arena fencing for all to see for 1 year. Donations for a minimum of $1,000.00 or more will have their own full size banner on the arena fencing for all to see indefinitely.  Donation over $1,000DddddddddWe gladly accept anonymous donations also. 

Great exposure on Gymkana Play Day and the horses will thank you. If interested in donating by check please send us an email at bluepearlproject@gmail.com

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 How Blue Pearl Project Got Started

  In 2012 the Nonprofit Blue Pearl Project was formed due to the economy many horse owners were losing their homes and could no longer afford to feed and care for their horses. Many horse owners that boarded their horses at boarding facilities could no longer afford to board their horses. In 2012 and even today we still receive calls that all of the horse rescues are full in Southern California and they don’t know what to do with their horse, but they can’t keep it and they don’t want it to go to slaughter.

In many countries horse meat is a desired meat and they think nothing about eating horse meat. Here in the United States we have some individuals that are called “Kill Buyers” and receive hundreds of dollars per horse many times more than what a horse can ever be sold or adopted out to a good family and the horse is trailered to a slaughter house usually into Mexico or Canada and being abused before and when being slaughtered.

Due to the economy many today in 2015 are suffering financially. Horses are starving, being abused and being sold or auctioned off to be used as food. Horses of any age, even pregnant, healthy and sickly being used as a food source. Some horses that are extremely fat and some that are just bones. Many that eat horse meat are getting sick and even getting cancer.

Since 2012 the Blue Pearl Project has been contacted almost on a daily basis throughout the United States by horse owners in need to place their horses somewhere because they can no longer feed or care for their horse.

The rescued horses we receive are evaluated and some are adopted out to new homes freeing up space so we can rescue more horses in need. Horses which are considered unadoptable due to advanced age, illness, lameness or are promised to never be adopted out live out their days in our Sanctuary. Some horses are evaluated and fit perfectly in our program for horse sponsorship, riding program, equine therapy program for children and adults with special needs and our Veterans suffering from PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, grief, trauma, community service for students and court appointed community service.

Unfortunately over the past 3 years since the Blue Pearl Project was formed the Nonprofit has seen very little in donations and no grants or help from the government. To this day even offering equine therapy through licensed therapists, riding programs and court appointed community service the Blue Pearl Project is receiving very little in donations from the community. The majority of the funds to care for the horses has come from the Board of Directors including feed for the horses, what is needed for the care for the horses such as hoof trimmimg, medical, utilities, lease payment and what is needed to maintain the ranch.

Horses that are rescued in Southern California stay at a ranch that is called Oak Meadows Ranch and operated by the Founder of Blue Pearl Project CEO and President. The vision was and continues to be all members of the community are welcome to visit or volunteer at Oak Meadows Ranch – providing an avenue to come together for fun, learning, growth, and to share our passion for our horses and the enjoy the outdoors.

We accept any amount of donations. A donation of $250 feeds 1 horse for 2 1/2 months. Oak Meadows Ranch has 72 horses. All donations are greatly appreciated. 

Monthly expenses to maintain ranch:

$4,000 lease
$565 Storage trailers for supplies
$600 to $800 Electricity
$220 Liabilty Insurance
$120 Trailer insurance
$150 Port a Potty
$150 Trash
$7,500 feed for animals on ranch such as horses, chickens, security dogs, cats for pest control
$400 per month Farrier that is at a discounted price only for Oak Meadows Ranch
$200.00 Oak Meadows Ranch spends a minimum of $200.00 per month for medicine which is at a wholesale price. Medical expenses varies mainly time and medicine donated.

The minimum per month stated above is approximately $13,905.00. A minimum just to provide horse's a home, food, water, medical, farrier and share those with those that want to be with horses is a $166,860.00 per year.

These costs are monthly costs and does not include vehicles, gas, additions etc. 

Thank you for supporting Blue Pearl Project, Southern California’s premier horse rescue and equine-assisted therapeutic riding center for special needs children and adults. Blue Pearl Project is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)3 and your contribution is tax deductible. Anything will help. The more we receive the more horses we can help. With your help we can continue to help horses in need and the horses can help people in need.


Blue Pearl Project Inc. a Non Profit Organization is a Federally recognized Non Profit 501c3 Tax-Exempt