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Oak Meadows Ranch
PTSD Equine Therapy - Help Support Our Troops


Information about Equine Therapy at Oak Meadows Ranch in Wildomar, California 92595


 We need the funding to build and complete the projects on the ranch to be able to help our Vets, Firefighters, Law Enforcement and all others suffering from PTSD, Anger, Grief, Trauma, Drug & Alcohol Addictions, Depression and Handicapped with horse therapy.

   With your donation you can help us build the best treatment center facility here in Southern California. Handicap ramps and devices to help our Veterans and others that are suffering to get access to the horses for therapy. Adding water lines, electrical, grass, plants, trees and of course help feed the rescued horses.

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Blue Pearl Project Inc. a Non Profit Organization is a Federally recognized Non Profit 501c3 Tax-Exempt  


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