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Charlie (Rescued Horse)

"Dear Debbie, I can't thank you enough for all the help you and your husband and Bill gave to me today to make it possible for Charlie to have a new life. If Charlie could hug you guys tonight I am sure he would lol...Anyways you guys are amazing and so is your vision for your ranch and all you have even accomplished in three weeks...I am definately going to post on my facebook all that you did and refer them to your website if they can help with donations of any kind. I started designing little sign for your address and ranch name but want to put a little more time and thought into it so I will have proof to email you soon :) Hope you guys get some rest and I will see you tomorrow afternoon and bring over something to help you keep all Charlie's meds and vaseline organized, and help put his evening medicine on his legs . Please thank Bill for Holly and I too! Thanks again, LuAnn"