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Oak Meadows Ranch needs your help.The city of Wildomar has requested that Oak Meadows Ranch get what is called an Conditional Use Permit so Oak Meadows Ranch can continue to share the rescued, unwanted horses with the visitors and continue to allow visitors use of the property. The cost of this Conditional Use Permit may be as high as $10,000. With your help Oak Meadows Ranch from donations can continue to share the rescued, unwanted horses with the community such as with special needs children, special needs adults, senior citizens, children, teenagers and adults of all ages. Visitors will be able to still be able to groom, care and exercise horses and ride the rideable horses and for those that need to do community service with this Conditional Use Permit. Oak Meadows Ranch needs your help for all of this to continue in the future or the city of Wildomar may not allow visitors visiting the ranch if the Conditional Use Permit is not paid. These rescued, unwanted horses need your help, love and affection. Without our help many of these horses would be dead today. Many would have been slaughtered and used for food in other countries. You currently are hearing on the local news that many well known companies to us are using horse meat for food and serving it to people. Blue Pearl Project and Oak Meadows Ranch would appreciate if you spread the word that a donation of any kind, small or large would be greatly appreciated so that the Conditional Use Permit fee can be raised and be paid to the city of Wildomar so that the city of Wildomar will be happy and those that have and still do plan to visit the rescued, unwanted horses and use the facilities at Oak Meadows Ranch can.

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Burger King, Nestle, Tesco and now Ikea Found Using Horse Meat 

Ikea using horse meat in meatballs

9 countries that actually enjoy eating horse meat


Horsemeat is popular in certain types of French cooking, Reuters reports. The meat was recently described as 'delicious, like rich beef,' by one French chef.


China is one of the world's largest consumers of horsemeat, according to Fox News. The meat is typically dried to eat like a sausage or is served with rice noodles.


Horsemeat is also popular in Kazakhstan, according to Fox News. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations believes the country is the second largest consumer of horsemeat, behind China.


Indonesians make horse satay out of horsemeat, according to NPR.


German Sauerbraten, or roast, is traditionally made with horsemeat.


Horsemeat is a "dietary staple" in Belgium, according to the New York Times.


The Japanese like their horse like they like their sushi: sliced thin and eaten raw.


Despite Switzerland's involvement in the horsemeat scandal, the meat is still considered OK to eat in the country, according to the New York Times.


A Mongolian diner in Glasgow, Scotland has seen business boom since recently adding horse burger and horse chips to its menu.

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