Oak Meadows Ranch
Equine Team Building - Oak Meadow Ranch, Wildomar, California


Equine Assisted Team Learning

What can we learn from horses? 

  • Equine Assisted Team Building and leadership training causes lasting changes that won't soon be forgotten.
  • Experiential learning has been proven by experts to be retained.
  • Experiential learning reveals and improves barriers to communication.
  • Provides insight into group dynamic.
  • Provides an appreciation for differences and diversity.
  • Improves personal awareness and focus on communication skills.
  • Provides a motivational learning environment because you are engaged!
  •  Teaches empathy and willingness to accept responsibility.

Why Horses?

When horses are allowed to live naturally in herds and family groups, every horse is important and has a job and a responsibility to the herd. The horses figure this out. That's what happens to people when they participate in these Equine Assisted Programs. People learn who they are being and find their own individual strengths!

  • Self discovery and self awareness come to the human when interacting with the horse whose language is unspoken.
  • A horse gives a willing participant instant, honest feedback without the perceived fear of judgment or rejection.
  • Learn to be assertive without being confrontational. Experience team building and leadership skills.

Who could benefit from equine assisted growth and learning?

Everyone! Individuals, children, families, couples, sport teams, committees and boards of all kinds and corporations that are looking to improve communication, leadership and creativity. In fact people of all ages can grow and learn by being in the company of horses.

Leadership Training

Horses, in powerful experiences with humans, create experiential opportunities for exploring and expanding human potential in the areas of mind, body and spirit. These experiences teach skills for developing intuition, compassion, boundaries and leadership; and for stepping into our greater lives. They give us a way to explore ourselves as energetic beings and to develop the ability to communicate with others more skillfully. They help cultivate an awareness of subtle cues in ourselves and others, and ways to orchestrate this awareness for a more joyful and effective life. They nurture skills for global citizenship, promoting cross-cultural interaction in our increasingly smaller and complex world. No prior horse experience is necessary.

Who is this Leadership Training Program for?

Teachers, medical professionals, corporate professionals, small business people, government officials, administrators, any type of team leaders, parents, equine specialists and equine enthusiasts of all ages.