Oak Meadows Ranch
Animal Friends of the Valleys - Animal Control Report - Wildomar, California


Subject: Horses at Oak Meadows Ranch Horse Rescue / Sanctuary in Wildomar, California

Animal Friends of the Valleys does make unannounced visits to this rescue throughout the year. Today I had animal control officer Tucker and our Register Vet Technician, Laurie Proctor go to the property unannounced and inspect every single horse. The entire inspection was videotaped. Their veterinarian arrived while our staff was on the property.

There was ample food that was available to all horses. There was ample, clean water available to all horses. All stalls were clean. Every horse has been recently trimmed. Each horse is given a diet based on their health needs. Our staff personally saw senior feed, beet pulp, oats, excellent grade of alfalfa hay, pellets, and four types of supplements to meet each horses individual nutritional needs. There is not one horse on the property that is grossly underweight. There are a few that have recently come to the property as abandoned rescues and the veterinarian and manager are addressing each horses needs.

We have found the facility to be well managed and organized. The facility is well maintained and flies were at a minimum for the 75 horses that are on the property. The farrier is on the property weekly tending to the horses foot health. The veterinarian met with the staff and says that he is at the property almost daily. He can be reached 24/7 and all medical supplies were observed on the property. Six of the horses on the property are greater than 25 years old and are all in good condition.

Currently they have 10 horses on the property that have been rehabilitated and are up for adoption. There was recently a red horse on the property that died from cushings and a heart murmur. She had come to them underweight and passed not long after she arrived. There was another horse that had a shattered knee that was tied to the gate that passed away. Another horse, named Molly passed away while under the care of Dr. Cobb, a very well known equine vet in the area.

They do board a few horses on this property as well. They do grow worms to compost the manure. They sell the manure as potting soil. Animal Friends of the Valleys does not have expertise in this area so this may be something the city will want to look in to.

AFV is confident after the thorough inspection that was performed today that the animals are being cared for properly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Willa A. Bagwell
Executive Director
Animal Friends of the Valleys, Inc.
951 674-0618 ext. 221